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Herpes virus will remain in an infected cat's system forever.  No medication can make the viruses simply disappear once present.  The viruses will resurface periodically and cause episodes of fever, ocular inflammation, nasal discharge, sneezing and other signs of rhinotracheitis.


Examine your dog regularly.  Kids like to tie things around their dogs; check the neck, tail and legs, especially in long-haired dogs, for ribbons and hair rubber bands.


After a fight with a family member, you might want to lavish your dog with affection.  However, your dog may not appreciate such attention.  The dog may view your actions as inconsistent behavior, possibly increasing anxiety.  What feels good to you may not always feel good to your dog.


A 15-year-old cat, on average, has spent 10 years of his life napping or sleeping.  They spend far less time sleeping in the wild since they are having to hunt for their food.




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The feline kidneys are vulnerable to a wide range of serious disorders.  Kidney or renal disease is a major cause of severe illness and death in cats, especially after the age of seven years.


Knowledge is power.  To make yourself a better dog owner, it is a good idea to read up on various dog breeds before visiting the shelter.  Different dog breeds are associated with certain specific behaviors.


If your dog has a history of flying after squirrels or other small animals, it is safe to say that he has a fairly well developed prey drive or has simply learned to enjoy the thrill of the chase.  Either way, this poses a major challenge to your success in adding a cat to the household equation.


If your cat sneaks out and has a chance to hide, try not to panic, but do act quickly.  Chances are that your cat will be within a two-to-three house radius to begin with, but as time passes, he may venture farther and farther from home, especially if startled.